CSRmedia.eu – Daily news website on European CSR activities

CSR Media Network is launching its European CSR oriented news website – CSRmedia.eu. The platform, created by a group of journalists and enthusiastic CSR professionals, aims to share news and ideas about Corporate Social Responsibility actions in Europe.

On-site visitors will get the latest information about grants, events, CSR & Sustainability reports released by companies, or read interviews with key opinion leaders.

The platform has a dual purpose. CSRmedia.eu it will be a news source for all those who would like to get informed about the CSR projects implemented by companies in Europe or in their particular country. Also, it will provide companies a free channel to disseminate their CSR news, best practices, and more.

We encourage companies in Europe to share their Social Responsibility actions. CSRmedia.eu is mainly an up-to-date news platform, meaning that our journalistic mission is to deliver, on daily basis, the newest and the most effective CSR actions“, says Daniel Bledea, Project Manager at CSRmedia.eu.

In the “breaking news” era, good deeds usually go unobserved, as there are few media outlets that cover such topics. On the other hand, nowadays companies are no longer rated only by their financial performance, but also by their social responsibility approach. Thus, we have created a platform where companies can meet with their stakeholders. In the end it will be a European CSR community“, says George Carpov, Communication Adviser & CSR Strategist at CSRmedia.eu.