Barclays to support customers affected by severe flooding in UK

barclays-ukBarclays is offering emergency support measures to help business and personal customers currently affected by flooding or adverse weather in the United Kingdom.

Barclays will help Business customers depending upon the individual circumstances with overdraft increases or if required, capital repayment holidays of up to six months on customers’ existing loans. This will allow businesses time to recover from the immediate impact of the damage caused by flooding or adverse weather, or to bridge the gap until insurance claims are settled.

Barclays business managers will be contacting customers in at risk areas to assess any damage or disruption caused to their businesses and offer solutions that may ease the burden on cash flow.

Barclays Personal customers with an overdraft may, depending upon the individual circumstances, be eligible for a temporary increase to help with emergency bills. Customers without an overdraft can also apply for an emergency overdraft.

Barclays Home Insurance customers affected by floods or adverse weather and who can no longer live in their home may be eligible to receive support to find temporary accommodation. Barclays can arrange for emergency payments to replace essential items where appropriate.

Barclays Agriculture can offer, depending upon individual circumstances, capital repayment holiday of up to twelve months on mortgages and loans, in order to ease cash flow problems of affected customers over the coming months. Barclays can help to extend or increase existing overdrafts, increasing working capital available to help cover increased costs caused by the adverse weather conditions.

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